power battery accident prevention measures and safety monitoring measures

- Mar 02, 2017-

In addition to the prevention of thermal runaway expansion, the power battery system requires a full range of accident prevention measures and safety monitoring measures.          

1 lithium ion power battery before mass production and sales, must be certified by the relevant safety testing standards.          

2 to prevent thermal runaway accident as the core, the safety design of power battery system should consider the factors such as "evolution", "trigger" and "expansion". Also have a clear understanding of the failure modes of each component.          

3 the power battery system needs to be managed properly in the process of operation, and monitoring and early warning of the possibility of the accident.          

The security problem of power battery system is divided into 3 levels, namely "evolution", "trigger" and "expansion"". From these three levels, it is the focus of the next step to study the mechanism and evolution process of each level, and put forward effective measures to prevent accidents and safety monitoring measures.

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