power battery domestic envrionement analysis

- Dec 29, 2016-

In recent years, the influx of a large number of social capital, making the explosive growth of the number of power battery industry. According to the Ministry of Statistics: at present, China's power battery monomer enterprises has reached 227, is the beginning of 2014, the number of times, the system integration of enterprises have 315. The size of a large number of enterprises is not a healthy and healthy development of the industry characteristics.          

China's largest power battery enterprises, the market share is only about 14%, the number of large enterprises scattered social funds, most of the power battery production enterprises lack production technology research and development base and guarantee consistency. Correspondingly, Japan, South Korea and other power battery manufacturers are only about 3 of the main power battery factory, R & D capabilities and market share have obvious advantages.          

China power battery production scattered poor situation, such as not standardized, it is easy to appear bad money drives out good money vicious price competition.          

The new version of the battery specification to encourage companies to increase investment in quality, bigger and stronger, which is conducive to further integration of the industry.

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