Power battery for the existence of hidden dangers battery enterprises how to break

- Nov 10, 2016-

For the power battery technology reflects the enterprise (including car and battery maker), fight the enemy separately and can not form a cohesive force problem, which is not conducive to the domestic battery R & D capability, it also brings negative effects on the development of new energy vehicles.          

From the "2025" key areas Chinese manufacturing technology roadmap, "energy-saving and new energy automotive technology roadmap" and other documents, the state has no clear position behind what kind of power battery, power battery only indicators (including single energy density, cost, key materials etc.) put forward corresponding requirements.          

For example, "2025" key areas China manufacturing technology roadmap requirements by 2025, power battery energy density to reach more than 400Wh/kg, the cost required to 0.8 yuan /Wh, system cost is reduced by half, to 1 yuan /Wh.          

However, at this stage, three yuan lithium battery and lithium iron phosphate battery can not reach this level. To cost, for example, the cost of the domestic two types of batteries are about 1.2 yuan /Wh, away from the target of 0.8 yuan /Wh far.          

Therefore, the industry believes that the domestic power battery breaking, should shelve disputes, and car companies work together to improve battery performance (including increasing energy density and stability of battery and charging speed etc.), reduce the cost of the battery, finally, let the market decide which kind of cell line can become mainstream, which battery manufacturers can become bigger and stronger.

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