power lithium battery grow in first month of 2017

- Feb 28, 2017-

Although the new energy vehicles and power battery industry in 2017, the opening is not ideal, but the industry for this year's industry trend is not pessimistic, the general pre sentence will show a steady growth, which led to the amount of investment.          

Public data show that in January 2017 the new energy vehicle sales were 6889 and 5682, compared with the same period last year fell by 69.1% and 74.4%. With the new energy vehicle production and sales fell sharply compared to the corresponding, in January China's total battery power companies shipments and the chain were also significantly reduced. Is the main cause of this situation, the 1-5 number of new energy vehicles promotion directory for retrial, and only released a new directory number, while the market is also affected by the fall of the subsidies.          

Under this background, this year a year there is a lot of power battery enterprises are stepping up efforts to expand production capacity. At the same time, based on the promising prospects for the power battery market, the capital market investment heat unabated, still large sums of money will be raised for project construction, and mergers and acquisitions power battery business.          

1. Vico essence set by raising 800 million for power lithium batteries and other projects          

2. Zhongyeda subsidiary to the joint venture shares of 350 million yuan micro macro power          

3. LG chemical will invest $35 million to expand the Nanjing battery factory          

4. Thick energy shares raised 7 million 200 thousand yuan expansion of lithium iron phosphate battery production line          

5. Juf shares 100 million yuan to set up a subsidiary of the layout of power batteries          

6. Aotecar highstar intends to 2 billion 500 million yuan acquisition of 100% equity          

7. Sunwoda fund-raising over 20 billion to build an annual output of 6GWh power lithium battery project          

8. Zhuoneng shares and fund-raising 150 million investment in the construction of lithium battery project