Power Lithium ion Battery Sprung up

- Nov 03, 2018-

latest news:  According to the industrial structure of lithium-ion batteries in China, power lithium batteries have replaced consumer lithium batteries in the largest application area; power lithium batteries have sprung up, accounting for 6.94% in 2012 and 45.08% in 2016, with huge potential for development. At present, the demand for power lithium batteries will be the main driving force to promote the rapid growth of lithium battery industry. With the strong support of the government, capital from all walks of life rushes into the lithium battery industry, and enterprises have been "running horse race enclosure".

TIPS: we heard a lot of power battery, but what is power battery? 

here SINOLI make a illustration for our customers. power battery is mostly mean dynamic high drain battery, especially li ion dynamic battery, including lithium ion polymer battery, 18650 power li ion battery, Lifepo4 battery, NCM battery, CMO battery, TIO battery, NI-MH battery, supper-capacitor battery etc. here attached a picture. from the picture, it's not hard to read that most power battery enterprises is making LIFEPO4 and  NCM battery. this is mostly used in new energy vehicals, solar power system, wind electric system etc.图片1