Samsung Cellphone battery Exploded Why batteries explode?

- Feb 24, 2018-

Why cell phone batteries explode?

there are several reasons:

  1. Lithium is very active

    Lithium is the smallest and most active metal on the chemical periodic table, with a small volume and high density. The chemical properties of lithium are too active, when the lithium metal is exposed to the air, it explode with a heated oxidation reaction with oxygen.

  2. Battery film penetrate

    either Lithium iron phosphate, lithium manganate, three yuan material battery, the storage part of which is battery cell, but when it is overcharged or overdischarged, poor battery will probably puncture battery cell diaphragm , make the cell short circuit, and cause explosion at high temperature and high pressure. So cell phone batteries are most likely to explode in the process of charging.