Samsung counter attack SONY

- Dec 13, 2016-

Because the battery technology has no better breakthrough, so the first choice at present most electronic products or lithium batteries, lithium battery production of high quality and high density have been grasped by some manufacturers. Days ago, the European Commission officially announced that Japan's SONY,, SANYO three companies fined 166 million euros, the reason is that several giant companies suspected of lithium battery monopoly.          

According to the European Commission's announcement that SONY, Matsushita, SANYO and Samsung SDI the companies in 2004-2007 formed a cartel to raise the price of lithium battery (or is a form of monopoly, the monopoly is easy to occur in a small number of resources by a number of enterprises to fully grasp the situation, in order to avoid excessive competition in the interests of the whole to fall through some agreements or rules, even by consensus to control the production of the product and price). The European Commission said that after the investigation found that the four companies have worked together to avoid fierce competition in the rechargeable lithium battery market, this situation lasted for at least four years.          

EU antitrust Commissioner Vestager Margrethe said in a statement, the four companies seek to manipulate the price impact of a large number of electronic products sold to the EU consumers in the hands of electronic products. These four companies not only agree on the price of lithium batteries, but also the exchange of sensitive business information, breaking the law of the eu.          

After a ruling, the European Union decided to several companies suspected of monopoly fines, in which 166 million euros in fines, SANYO was fined 97 million euros, the penalty was fined $39 million, while SONY was fined 29 million 800 thousand euros. And interestingly, the Samsung SDI was not fined, because Samsung officially this case report, due to the defection of the tainted witness, escaped the EU punishment, the EU decided to fined 57 million 750 thousand euros.          

It is reported that this is not the first time Samsung in monopoly cases as "witness" role, a few years ago in a survey of European and American antitrust Samsung LCD panel, and by the defection from punishment, the "pit" teammates injured all over the body. The lithium battery monopoly case is not a small fine, the other three companies do not know the Samsung's betrayal for what feelings.

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