samsung/lg cells 12v 14ah 15ah 18ah lithium ion battery under Sade Effection on Chinese market

- Mar 30, 2017-

South Korea deployment of Sade subsequent reaction is still continuous fermentation. It is understood that due to the "Sade" for business in China, Lotte Lotte has been paralyzed, operating in China in 99 stores, 87 have been closed recently, Lotte headquarters had an emergency injection of 360 billion won, to pay for the procurement supply chain and wages. Coincidentally, the recent Han battery project in China also came to the negative news

Recently, the industry news spread, Samsung SDI Xi'an production line has been idle for several months, the company is decided to reconsider the expansion of China's Xi'an battery factory plans.          

In addition to Samsung SDI, another Korean battery giant - LG Chemical is also facing the same situation.          

Nanjing LG Chemical Co. Ltd. the new energy battery production line has been basically in the idle state, and LG are discussing the project will be packaged and sold in saic.          

March 18th, dawn shares intends to invest 35 million yuan and Samsung SDI joint venture to set up a power battery business plan failed.          

Since July 2016, South Korea began deploying Sade, Samsung, LG orders in China are frequently lost. It is understood that once the battery is equipped with Samsung JAC iEV6S, Beiqi EV200 is changed into the local battery, SAIC eRX5, ei6 has also been changed to use domestic, in order to adapt to the China market, even modern cars in China domestic car Sonata 9 plug-in hybrid version will use the battery power battery manufacturers China.          

In the Chinese market, the rapid decline in the situation, the Korean battery can only retreat in Europe and the United states. Samsung SDI recently decided to build a new electric car battery factory in Hungary, is expected to start production from 2018.

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