Samsung LG ICR 18650 INR 18650 Batteries Raw Material Cost Increase Notice

- Feb 04, 2018-

 To Dear our customers,

Raw Material Price Raise Notice: 


Thanks so much for your support in the past years.

Due to raw material party LG/Samsung company has a serie of event recently, our company finally decided to make the following decision without willing:

  • Samsung 18650 battery cell raised BY 10-20%, delivery time delay 1-2 month.

  • LG 18650 battery cell raised 10-15%, delivery time: 1-2 month

for the latest price, please contact us before you quote or purchase.

sorry so much for the trouble, please kindly noted.


in 2018, NCM batteries will keep growing, if our beloved company has any plan on batteries, please arrange it ahead of time. thank you.