Samsung SDI Battery Has Trouble Again

- Nov 01, 2017-

In September 22nd, iPhone 8 officially announced to start to sell worldwide. 

The beginning of September 29th, worldwide is succesively pose news of Apple's new product appears explosion events.

following the China Taiwan, Japan, Chinese Hongkong, which has iPhone 8 series mobile phone battery bump up problem, China also appeared in the iPhone 8 Plus burst accident.

this is China fifth mobile phone, is the world's seventh publicly reported iPhone 8 problems. 

Samsung SDI battery and then questioned again. 

previousely, Samsung Note 7 has battery explosion issue too.

the ratio of Note 7 battery supplieris SDI 70%, ATL 30%, and the problem battery is the SDI's battery; the iPhone 8 battery supplier SDI appeares has the same issue again. 

Samsung SDI involved into these two battery events. No doubtly has to question the SDI battery quality is guaranteed.