Silver zinc two flexible battery

- Dec 25, 2016-

Cathode silver zinc battery for silver oxide anode for zinc electrolyte, using potassium hydroxide aqueous solution. The silver zinc battery specific energy and large current discharge, because the shock of silver zinc batteries, power supply so commonly used in spacecraft, satellites, rockets and other aerospace equipment, while civilian products are used for the elderly hearing aids, electronic watches and calculators etc..          

The main disadvantage of silver zinc battery is expensive and short service life in general, silver zinc battery can only charge about 100 to 150 times, because of its short life is mainly from the zinc dendrite growth through diaphragm caused.          

The British Energy Company Limited (ZINERGY UK zinc LIMITED) made of flexible battery by using this system, the founding team including academician of the Royal Academy of engineering, University of Cambridge professor Gehan Amaratunga and Dr Hiralal Pritesh of University of Cambridge, mr.. ZINERGY company uses nano electrode material, solid electrolyte, integrated packaging technology development of ultra-thin flexible and disposable rechargeable zinc battery out, including rechargeable silver zinc battery charging laboratory test number has reached 200-250. ZINERGY's recipe and mercury free printing technology can block the growth of zinc dendrite crystals, making zinc batteries rechargeable. The company received a round of investment strategy of seed from Ningbo Huida Guohua investment company.          

Another major concern of silver zinc battery start-up company is from Energy Berkeley, California Imprint. In addition to screen printing technology to prepare positive and negative and electrolyte, the company's core technology is to avoid dendritic growth of polymer electrolyte materials. The company also received investment in Phoenix Venture Partners and AME Cloud Ventures. From the idea of solving the problem, the two companies have different approaches but equally satisfactory results. However, the two companies did not disclose more details of battery performance, such as bending times and radians. I personally think the two companies should still be in the development stage.

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