Since December 1st the new energy automobile license plate will be opened in 5 pilot city

- Jan 02, 2017-

In order to better promote the development of new energy vehicles, better classification of new energy vehicles, implement the traffic management policy alienation, the Ministry of public security will enable the pilot new energy automobile license plate. Since December 1, 2016, Shanghai, Nanjing, Wuxi, Ji'nan, Shenzhen 5 city will be the first pilot enabled new energy automobile license plate.          

In order to protect the public's right to know, right to participate, gather intelligence circles consensus, new energy automobile license plate style in the design process, Ministry of Public Security Traffic Management Bureau from April 2016 to May on the license plate style organizations to carry out multi-channel, multi form and multi level consultation activities. Online public opinion, organized to carry out online voting activities, a total of 145 thousand and 400 people participated in the voting activities, the network message 110 thousand. Synchronized with the relevant departments and industry enterprises to seek advice, organize relevant professionals to conduct in-depth research, systematic demonstration. According to the online voting and comments, the final selection of the highest rated style as a new energy vehicle license plate style.          

The new energy automobile license plate reflects the "green" meaning, the main colors of green, add special logo, the application of anti-counterfeiting technology and production process, can achieve differentiated management, easy to identify, but also highlight the characteristics of new energy and technological innovation. Among them, a small new energy vehicle license plate using gradient color green, large-scale new energy vehicle license plate color with yellow color shuangpin. The new energy vehicle license plate number increase, compared with the ordinary car license plate, license plate number of new energy vehicles by 5 liters of 6, plate number, capacity increases with more abundant resources, the encoding rules of more scientific and reasonable, can meet the "few letters, use digital" layout needs. License fee for new energy vehicles unchanged, still perform ordinary vehicle license plate fees of existing national regulations, each side plate 100 yuan.

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