sodium ion battery vs lithium ion battery

- Mar 02, 2017-

The day before, American scientists jointly developed antimony based anode material of a new type of structure, the antimony based sodium ion battery from the previous is not more than 500 cycles to 900 cycles, life is almost comparable to the lithium battery, and the ratio of capacity of anode materials for lithium ion batteries (graphite) 1.5 times . Related results published in the field of nano magazine ACS nano.          

The working principle of the sodium ion battery is similar to that of the lithium ion battery, which is used to realize the charging and discharging process by the process of ion intercalation between the positive and negative poles. However, the former because of sodium rich resources and lower cost, and because of its high voltage platform, higher security.          

The researchers through theoretical calculation shows that the fixation of the graphene modified by antimony and its discharge has better products, more effective and stable material structure and prevent the falling of the active material from graphene. Compared with the previous reports, the composite material has the best cycle performance of sodium ion battery antimony based anode material.