Solid electrolyte of lithium metal batteries

- Oct 06, 2016-

In order to meet the energy demand, the high capacity battery system such as lithium sulfur battery, lithium air battery, lithium metal battery and so on has become the research hotspot. In these systems, there are many problems in the lithium metal anode:          

The solid electrolyte interphase (Solid electrolyteinter phase, SEI) instability, cause electrolyte consumption and reduce battery efficiency and cycle life of Kulun, these problems seriously hindered the development of the high capacity battery system and practical application.          

Solid electrolyte with high ionic conductivity and certain mechanical strength, to a large extent can improve the safety of lithium battery, even in all solid state lithium batteries (All-solid-state Li, batteries, ASSLBs) in short, non combustible solid electrolyte also can prevent the occurrence of fire and explosion.          

Solid electrolyte can ensure high energy / power density and long cycle life, so it has great potential to improve the stability of the battery. But there is often a large interface resistance between the electrolyte and the electrode, which hinders the ion transport.          

Recently, Luo in the garnet type silicon layer deposited on the surface of the solid electrolyte, electrolyte surface from sparse to turn pro lithium battery, reducing solid solid interfacial resistance, have important significance to improve the safety and stability of lithium metal batteries.

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