Solid lithium ion batteries not explosion with destroy

- Mar 19, 2017-

At present, Pope and his documentary team are looking for such a super battery in laboratories around the world. Pope explained that the super battery should be cheaper, larger capacity, and more environmentally friendly.          

"He made a special plastic polymer that allowed the ions to move freely between the electrodes, and the activity was even better than the liquid electrolyte," he said. However, since this is a solid state barrier, it will not lead to problems like the current lithium-ion battery."          

According to Pope's introduction, the battery is also able to use lithium metal, there is no risk of short circuit. The energy density of a metal is five times as much as the one we use today.          

"Of course, it's five times as powerful as the current compound, so we can't use that high density," he explains. But we can upgrade the energy density to two times the current electrolyte. So you can imagine that an electric car mileage is not only two hundred miles, can reach up to four hundred miles. "          

In Zimmerman's lab, Pope experimented with the battery, which he cut off with a pair of scissors and used the battery to supply a set of LED lights.3.7 v 150mah li po battery,lithium ion polymer battery 3.7 v 150mah,1s 3.7 v 150mah li po battery charger,li polymer battery 3.7 v 150mah,150mah 3.7 v lipo,1s 3.7 v 150mah,e flite 150mah 1s 3.7 v 45c lipo battery,e flite 1s 3.7 v 150mah 25c li po battery,e flite 150mah 1s 3.7 v 45c,1s 3.7 v 150mah 25c li po battery