Successful test of hydrogen fuel cell in China

- Jan 11, 2017-

 Recently, Chinese independently developed the first manned hydrogen fuel cell testing machine successful test flight in Shenyang. Aircraft flying height of 320 meters, the entire zero pollution emissions. So far, China has become the third country after the United States, Germany, the country has the technology.           According to science and Technology Daily reported that the hydrogen fuel cell test machine is jointly developed by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Dalian Institute of general aviation and Liaoning.          

It is modified in RX1E Electric Aircraft Research Institute of Liaoning general aviation, with 20 kW hydrogen fuel cell manufactured by Dalian of the power supply, with small capacity auxiliary lithium batteries, hydrogen hydrogen storage tank for airborne 35MPa.          

The aircraft is powered by a fuel cell and a lithium battery to provide power at the time of taking off and a high rate of climb. The fuel is supplied by the fuel cell during the cruise phase, and the lithium battery is charged.          

According to reports, the breakthrough in the study of hydrogen fuel cells lightweight, efficient water and thermal management, high reliability of the integrated power system and other key technologies.          

During the flight test, the output performance, safety, reliability and environmental adaptability of the fuel cell system are all up to the technical requirements, and show excellent storage, start-up and operation performance in the -20 low temperature environment.          

The type system used in November 2009 "Chinese's first fuel cell powered airships reach 1, type II system used in July 2012 China first fuel cell UAV raicho".          

Fuel cell is a kind of high efficiency and environment friendly power generation device. Because of the low noise, zero pollution and long life and so on, the fuel cell powered vehicle has become a hot research topic in recent years.          

China's first manned hydrogen fuel cell flight success means what? In fact, in my opinion, the most important thing is not the aircraft itself, but the aircraft's power system - hydrogen fuel cell success. Because the application of the battery in the armed forces, are not to be underestimated. more new batteries like large lithium ion battery,large solar battery,large batteries for solar power,ion lithium battery,li ion battery for solar energy storage,li ion battery sizes,latest battery technology for solar,latest solar battery technology,latest solar batteries,lifepo4 solar