Sumitomo metal materials: NCA production capacity in 2018 will reach 3500t/m

- Dec 10, 2016-

Sumitomo metal mine is the world's leading manufacturer of NCA, the user is only Matsushita battery. It is worth mentioning that, according to the recently signed a battery supply agreement with Tesla, Tesla and the next 4 years will provide Tesla with 18650 2 billion batteries.          

In May this year, the Japanese Sumitomo Metal Mining Co announced plans to enhance the capacity of lithium battery cathode material in the next 2 years to 40%, designed to respond to the strong demand for Tesla Model3 listed on the power battery. It is understood that the supplier of battery cathode materials Prius models Sumitomo metal mine is owned by TOYOTA.          

Nobuki Tsuneyama introduced in his speech, Sumitomo NCA 1850t/m metal mine existing capacity is expected in 2018, the production capacity will reach 3500t/m.          

For the raw materials market judgment, Nobuki Tsuneyama believes that before 2020, the lithium carbonate material supply will be tight, and cobalt material will also appear tense situation, don't worry about the supply of nickel, but mine development needs time.          

In order to ensure the supply of raw materials, Sumitomo metal mine in mine layout, mining is actively to increase investment. The development of new nickel ore in the Solomon islands, Indonesia, but also through the depth of refining to extract nickel cobalt resources.          

Nobuki Tsuneyama stressed that the lithium nickel cobalt manganese material is the key and foundation for the development of electric vehicles, in which several categories of materials, cobalt resources supply is very important, in addition to the traditional way of exploitation, need to obtain cobalt resources through the new path.          

At the same time, whether it is from the perspective of environmental protection, or the supply of raw materials from the point of view, we must pay attention to the battery recycling technology and market promotion, has very important significance for the sustainable development of the electric vehicle.

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