Tesla autopilot

- Jan 01, 2017-

For has always been a high-profile Tesla, the autopilot / driver assistance function for a long time are CEO Elon Musk to boast of the capital. Until the beginning of this year Tesla repeatedly exposed driver assistance functions lead to death accident, Tesla was declared that "driving assistance is different from automatic driving".          

But with the Tesla released 2 version of the AutoPilot, Mask began to preach will reach Level 4 (even for highly automated request response system will not interfere, autonomous control) that can cover most of the city traffic; even ambitions to achieve Level 5 automatic, can cover all roads including the villages, similar to Google the future of the "steering wheel brake" automatic driving vehicle. Look for the automatic driving factors of musk mouth restrict only two: the software algorithm, and the law.          

But from the technical route of Tesla, there are 2 versions of a small AutoPilot function determines whether the normal implementation of driver assistance, overseas institutions even think that without it, will become a "death trap self driving car Tesla" (Deathtrap), which is the camera lens heating function.          

For Tesla, the choice of different types of sensors and Google technology route, did not use LIDAR laser radar. Mask believes that only by the camera instead of laser radar can achieve the effect of automatic vehicle driving, and the laser radar may provide false information to the vehicle in the rain and snow weather conditions. As for millimeter wave radar and ultrasonic radar, and can not completely replace the laser radar and camera, which determines the remote target detection, Tesla will rely heavily on video camera.          

Therefore, when we talk about automatic driving, in addition to networking and reconciliation of components and software algorithms, it should also be remembered that the operation of the system needs some other auxiliary functions. In addition, if the whole system involves more functions, the overall failure rate may increase.

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