Tesla Gigafactory super factory began mass production battery

- Jan 05, 2017-

Tesla said on January 4th, is located in Nevada's Gigafactory plant has begun mass production of lithium ion batteries, the plant is built with Tesla and Panasonic investment.          

Gigafactory plant is the production of cylindrical 2170 core, the core is designed to cooperate with Tesla Tesla, the core will be used in Tesla energy storage products and Model 3 sedan. Tesla also said that at the beginning of the production of Gigafactory core for Powerwall 2 and Powerpack 2 energy products.          

In the two quarter, Gigafactory will begin to produce the core for Model 3. According to the plan, the annual output of the Gigafactory plant will reach 35000 trillion watts (gigawatt-hours), Tesla claimed that the goal can be achieved by 2018.          

Tesla also said that the cost of the battery will be reduced by more than 30%. In the peak period, Gigafactory will be placed 6500 workers to create around 20 thousand to 30 thousand jobs.

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