Tesla in Germany initiated the investigation that the user can fully understand the Autopilot

- Nov 11, 2016-

Beijing on November 11th news, according to the electrek website, the adjusted price system to meet the German preferential policies for electric vehicles, Tesla in the German Ministry of the use of the word "Autopilot" to describe the automatic driving assistance system evaluation response.          

Earlier, the German Ministry of transport, said Tesla will automatically assist the driving system named Autopilot there is a potential danger, will allow drivers to think they do not need to control the car. Recently, Tesla take the initiative to ask the German car owners to carry out investigations by third parties to determine whether they can correctly understand the Autopilot. At the same time, Tesla also to all the German Tesla owners sent a letter to the owners, to introduce how to use Autopilot, and in a letter to the owners of the statement the word Autopilot is derived from the aircraft, "must be behind the wheel, looking at the road ahead".          

Third party agencies Puls based on statistical data released the final results. Survey shows that the majority of the German user can understand the meaning and function of Autopilot, and 98% of the users of the Tesla are aware of their own to keep control of the car.          

In fact, whether Tesla, or FAA (FAA) talking about the Autopilot system, is described in a part of the control system can reduce the operator, to reduce the overall workload, and can make the operator more wary of other things. The Federal Aviation Administration to formulate rules for the autopilot wrote: "although the autopilot will be liberated from the driver's manual flight, but the driver of the system must remain vigilant, to ensure that the system performs a predetermined function, ensure flight restrictions on appropriate parameters of altitude and airspeed and airspace in."

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