The cost of new energy vehicles increased by 30%

- Jan 05, 2017-

The last working day of 2016, the Ministry of Finance announced the adjustment of new energy vehicles to promote the application of financial subsidies notice, this year to buy new energy vehicles consumers, will face a cost increase of more than 30%. Specific provisions for pure electric passenger car country to increase the maximum amount from 55 thousand in 2015 to reduce to 44 thousand; plug-in hybrid subsidies reduced from 30 thousand to 24 thousand.          

The new policy also set up the central and local subsidies cap, where local financial subsidies (the sum of local financial subsidies at all levels) should not exceed 50% of the central financial subsidies. In hybrid passenger cars, for example, the new adjustment of financial subsidies, the central subsidy 24 thousand yuan. If calculated according to the proportion of 50%, can obtain the national and local subsidies for a total of 36 thousand yuan, but in 2016 the amount of subsidies of up to 54 thousand yuan, the total rate of the fall "will reach 33%.          

Shanghai's best selling hybrid passenger cars SAIC Roewe E550 standard models guide price 239 thousand and 800, price subsidies (Shanghai area) to 185 thousand and 800 in 2016, 201 thousand and 800 in 2017, the consumer may have to pay 18 thousand yuan.          

In addition, some areas of Shanghai, new energy vehicles to purchase subsidies, such as subsidies for each car 10 thousand to $15 thousand in Chongming, Jiading car subsidy of $15 thousand per car, according to the new deal will also be canceled.

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