The development of electric vehicles in Europe and the United States far behind in China in the future

- Mar 15, 2017-

Many auto industry insiders believe that in 2017, electric vehicles will be an important driving force for development, and is not limited to the North American market.          

Once a year in at the January Detroit auto show, an auto industry executives said, increasingly stringent Chinese and European emissions regulations, the global auto manufacturers and consumers in addition to plug-in cars do not have much choice, thus stimulating the rapid growth of investment.          

Automotive supplier Valeo (Valeo) CEO Jacques Achenbwa said: "the electric car is an irreversible trend". Valeo sales over the past five years the growth of 50%, the company is committed to electric vehicles, hybrid vehicles, car networking and automatic driving vehicle.          

In Europe, environmentally friendly vehicles can get higher subsidies, tax breaks and other benefits, while internal combustion engines are facing more and more obstacles, including driving and parking restrictions.          

China's big cities are facing a serious pollution, so China is also actively promoting electric vehicles. China's "carrot and stick" policy, including tens of billions of investment and research and development funding and subsidies, as well as the control of the city's fossil fuel vehicle driving regulatory measures.          

But in the United States, the future development of electric vehicles may face more obstacles.          

Regulators in California and other states are increasing the lead to promote electric vehicles or "zero emissions" Vehicle Quota state provisions.          

But in 2015, the United States plug-in car registrations declined in 2016, pure electric vehicle market share further reduced to 0.37%, because the fuel price cheap, to promote the gas guzzling sport utility vehicles and pickup truck demand.          

President Donald Trump has promised to reduce environmental and climate regulations. Even in the Obama administration in January to make the fuel economy target in 2025 before the formal entry into force, for the traditional car manufacturers endorsement of the group, but also ask for reconsideration of these goals, Trump.

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