The domestic lithium carbonate production manufacturers fourth increase of lithium carbonate price

- Jan 06, 2017-

The domestic lithium carbonate production manufacturers fourth increase of lithium carbonate price          

In January 4th, Li Sheng Industry announced the latest price of lithium carbonate, industrial grade lithium carbonate price increase 500 yuan / ton to 121 thousand yuan / ton, battery grade lithium carbonate price increase 500 yuan / ton to 136 thousand yuan / ton. On the same day announced the increase of lithium carbonate price also includes Sichuan Xing Sheng, country manager of Sichuan lithium production companies, raised the price and Li Sheng industry agreed to 500 yuan / ton.          

In fact, the price adjustment is the price of three fourth increase in production of lithium lithium carbonate manufacturers since November to 2016, Li Sheng industry as an example, the timing for the first three times in November 7, 2016, November 29th, December 28th, which raised the price of industrial grade lithium carbonate was 5000 yuan / ton, 5000 yuan / ton, 500 yuan / ton, raised the price of battery grade lithium carbonate was 3000 yuan / ton, 7000 yuan / ton, 500 yuan / ton.          

In addition, the recent increase in the price of lithium carbonate also includes Jiangxi cloud lithium Limited by Share Ltd, Qinghai Zhonghong Mining Company Limited, Shanghai Xin lion Trade Development Co., Ltd. and Shanxi Big Dipper New Material Co. Ltd. etc.. However, the price rise in the enterprise, there are a number of companies have said the sources of tension, and old customers to take the goods; Sichuan Xing Sheng declared on January 4th that the supply mainly supply old customers walk alone.

Lithium carbonate is one of the important raw materials of lithium batteries, the upstream product of Saline Lake brine, lithium feldspar, lithium mica, Li Huishi, downstream products more, including lithium hydroxide, lithium batteries, glass, ceramic, lithium alloy, lithium compounds etc.. Reporters noted that in recent years, lithium batteries, new energy vehicles has been the focus of public concern.

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