The new energy vehicles subsidy policy will end or the second quarter of next year the implementation of

- Dec 25, 2016-

Industry expect a long time to introduce new energy vehicle subsidy policy forthcoming. It is reported that the Ministry of finance, Ministry of science and technology, the Ministry of transport has completed sign. Compared with the current new energy vehicles subsidy policy, the new policy of high technical threshold, more emphasis on subsidies through energy-saving effect, to a certain extent blocked some drilling loopholes "money" road. In addition to fuel cell vehicles, most of the new energy vehicles subsidy will fall sharply.          

Electric car subsidy policy adjustment focused on two points: first, in accordance with the previously announced subsidy policy back slope in 2017 than in 2016, subsidies will be down 20%; second, to raise the threshold of energy density of battery system. The higher the density, the higher the subsidy. For example, the energy density of battery system over 120wh/ kg of electric car models, will receive 48 thousand and 400 yuan per vehicle subsidy, and the energy density of the battery system of electric vehicles in the 90 to 120wh/ kg was 44 thousand yuan.          

Chinese Academy of Engineering Yang Yusheng criticized subsidies too high new energy buses, the subsidy will fall larger. To 10 meters long car body to a bus of 12 meters, for example, bicycle maximum subsidy will be reduced to $230 thousand, compared with the current maximum of $400 thousand decline of up to 42.5%.          

Technical direction of the new subsidy policy will become more accurate, pointing to truly improve energy-saving environmental technology bus enterprises. Over the past mainly according to the bus body size, unit load, energy consumption of pure electric mileage factors such as subsidies, the new scheme increases the index of power battery system energy density, fuel saving rate level, and increased the number of professional technical indicators, such as total quality battery system of the whole vehicle mass ratio more than 20%, in order to prevent some enterprises install batteries to improve mileage "loopholes" behavior. A car prices executives said that in ensuring quality based on lightweight, will help energy conservation and environmental protection. If the vehicle kerb mass decreased by 100 per kg, 100 km fuel consumption will be reduced by 0.3 to 0.6 liters, carbon dioxide emissions will be reduced accordingly.          

Although fuel cell vehicle subsidy policy changes the smallest, but also increased some technical indicators, such as fuel cell system rated power of not less than 30% of the rated power of the drive motor, and not less than 30kW. 2016 to 2020, fuel cell vehicle subsidies remain the original subsidy level, that is expected to maintain 200 thousand yuan per vehicle subsidy to $500 thousand. In the past higher price of fuel cell vehicles, after deducting subsidies, the price advantage is slowly emerging.

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