Thorough investigation of the battery industry hazard prevention

- Nov 11, 2016-

View lake office for a period of two months the battery industry special rectification temporarily come to an end, 48 store security risks of lithium battery companies were seized. November 10th, the view of the lake office meeting, the battery industry safety hazard remediation for re deployment, re implementation, and then check.          

It is understood that in the previous two months battery industry special rectification action, lake view office comprehensive remediation area centralized production and storage battery industry safety hazards, and arrange imprisoned production safety expert on-site guidance services, to guide the lithium battery processing site operators automatically move away. And to be lucky to get a chance to eliminate the hidden dangers of battery companies, then take a safe production law and other law enforcement means to promote the combination of law enforcement measures, to promote its safety in accordance with the law. In action, the cumulative investigation involving 8752 batteries, 48 lithium battery enterprises, 2 cases of filing penalties. Next, the view of the lake office, the security management has been found to deal with the situation to carry out tracking implementation, really do not monitor the blind spot, so that safety, rooting, and promote the healthy development of the battery industry.

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