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- Dec 25, 2016-

With the arrival of new energy vehicles after the era of subsidies, technology development and operational innovation has become the current situation to promote the new energy automotive industry progress of the top priority. In December 23rd, the post subsidy era of technological innovation development "as the theme of the 2016 session of the third China new energy automotive engineer technology summit and the second session of the operators and car enterprises docking Procurement Conference at Sea Hotel Shenzhen Kai Li continue to bring exciting content for the guests.          

All day long 23 days around the "" after the era of subsidies "operating profit model" to expand the depth of discussion, easy to open car chairman Yan is entitled "sharing share" travel operation mode of speech          

Shared travel integration model:          

1 self built pile: Yan Daoyuan said that in the past a certain period of time, there will be a lot of charging pile is occupied by the traditional car phenomenon, so the construction of the travel system to solve the problem of charging piles.          

2 owned vehicles: vehicles are heavy asset operations,          

3 intelligent operation: the platform system can be realized with the mobile phone, to build cars networking platform.          

4 travel service management: to provide financial (insurance), car washing, repair and other services.          

How to create a shared travel cloud platform?          

1 car pile integration construction, people and mobile phone is logistics terminal.          

2 data center: high-definition probe intelligent monitoring of all rental points within the vehicle, large screen real-time updates vehicle operations, the quality of the car can be standardized to a certain extent.          

3 easy to open lease point construction: mainly in transportation hub, corner waste, government and enterprise units, commercial outlets, residential areas, tourist attractions and other regions.

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