Unified power battery specifications debate

- Oct 31, 2016-

A wide range of power battery, size is not a significant constraint to the further development of new energy vehicles and power batteries. With the accelerated development of new energy vehicles, whether it is car prices or power battery business, for the power battery specifications and sizes of the requirements of the standard is more and more urgent.          

Recently, the Ministry issued by the electric vehicle standard commission revised auto recommended national standard "electric vehicle power battery product size" and "car battery encoding" (draft). The draft will be divided by power cylinder, car battery roolls square, three categories, the monomer, module and system (battery box) dimensions and size series of recommended provisions.          

Insiders pointed out that the power battery product size uniform and standardized is represent the general trend, is conducive to further enhance the domestic battery market concentration, reduce manufacturing cost and vehicle power battery enterprise pressure.          

In spite of the fact that the host plant and the power battery enterprises have reached a consensus on the size of the unified power battery, there are many problems in the actual operation process.          

There is a voice that unified battery electric core size specifications for the battery business and vehicle companies are good, but to screen out how many types of electric core models, the number of dimensions of the specification still need to be further discussed.          

"Battery development, is a dynamic process of change. Uniform battery electric core size, can not be achieved by artificial mandatory." Institute of physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences researcher Dr. Huang Xuejie believes that we should fully discuss and take the initiative to guide, which kind of battery core size, should be handed over to the market to complete.