Water Bottle Type Battery 36V 10ah for Electric Bike

- Dec 11, 2016-

  • Model NO.:SNL 36V10AH

  • Rechargeable: Chargeable

  • Accessories Type: Battery

  • Usage: Ebike

  • Package: Carton

  • Origin: China

Product Description

Water Bottle Type Battery 36V 10ah for Electric Bike

water bottle battery pack for electric bike (BMS/Charger included)

36V 10AH  Water Bottle Type

with mounting bracket, keys and unversal charger  

Very light, easy carry water bottle LiMn Battery 

36V8AH: 2.5kgs, for 35-40km range per charge
24V10AH: 2.1kgs, for 30km range per charge
24V8AH: 1.8kgs, for 25km range per charge
Come with mounting bracket, keys, and universal charger   

Aluminium Casing with Switch/Key -- FREE!
BMS and 110V-240VAC 2A Universal Charger Included .
Weight: Below 3.5Kgs
Capacities: 36V/10AH
Ranges (full electric mode): 40Km(36V10AH)
Packing Box Dimensions: 20*40*20

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Email: info@sinolibattery.com

Skype: dorisluo2012

Whatapp: +8618665676364

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