What are the common charging modes of battery?

- Aug 13, 2018-

What are the common charging modes of battery?

1. Constant current charging

The charging current is a certain value during the entire charging process, which is the most common method.

2. Constant voltage charging

During the charging process, the charging power supply keeps a constant value at both ends, and the current in the circuit decreases gradually as the battery voltage increases.

3. Constant current and constant pressure charging

When the battery voltage increases to a certain value, the voltage remains unchanged at CV. The current in the circuit drops to very small and finally approaches 0.

The first and second charging methods are often used in ni-mh and nickel-cadmium batteries, and the charging method of li-polymer li-ion batteries is usually constant current and constant pressure: the battery is charged at constant current at first, CC. When the battery voltage increases to a certain value, the voltage remains unchanged at CV.

Due to the high energy density of li-ion batteries, it is difficult to ensure the safety of batteries. Under the condition of overcharging, the energy of the battery will be surplus after the temperature rises, so the electrolyte will decompose and produce gas, which will cause the danger of spontaneous combustion or rupture due to the rise of internal pressure. On the contrary, in the state of excessive discharge, the electrolyte decomposition leads to deterioration of battery characteristics and durability, thus reducing the number of rechargeable.

for some initiator, some people might get use to use lead acid battery previousely, so they are about to use the same charging ways for lithium ion batteries. well, that is totally wrong, in any constant voltage charging or constant current charging way, won't make lithium ion battery pack charged full. they are totally two different things. as we mentioned it before, lithium ion battery is the adavancing invention of traditional lead acid battery. different battery with different tech and different usage as well.

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