what the relationship between MSDS and batteries

- Jan 16, 2017-

MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) is the chemical safety technical specifications, can also be translated into chemical safety manual or chemical safety data sheet. Is the physical and chemical properties of manufacturer and importer of chemicals used to clarify chemicals (such as pH, flash, flammable, reaction activity, etc.) as well as the health of users (such as carcinogenic, teratogenic and so on) a document that could be harmful.          

[1] in European countries, material safety technology / data specification MSDS is also known as security technology / data specification SDS (Safety Data sheet). The international organization for Standardization (ISO) uses the SDS term, while the United States, Canada, Australia and many Asian countries use the MSDS term.          

MSDS is a comprehensive legal document on the chemical characteristics of a chemical production or sale enterprise to the customer as required by law. It provides sixteen physical and chemical parameters, combustion and explosion performance, health hazards, safe use and storage, leakage disposal, emergency measures and relevant laws and regulations. MSDS can be prepared by the manufacturer in accordance with the relevant rules. However, in order to ensure the accuracy of the report, you can apply for the preparation of professional institutions.          

Two, it is necessary to choose a professional body to complete the production of the MSDS report for you, any individual or company if you are induced to a very low price to get the MSDS report, you need to face:          

1 get professional MSDS report (usually MSDS report professional and cost is proportional to the number), this report is often not the guest freight companies and accept, thus wasting your time and expense, also affect the products get more orders, sometimes may also lead to supply default;          

2 in violation of the relevant provisions of the MSDS standards, resulting in violation of regulatory issues;          

3 due to the lack of expertise in the MSDS report, the company or the user of the product to the wrong operation, resulting in irreparable damage or injury;          

MSDS Reporting Center - professional MSDS reporting service allows you to easily circumvent these risks.

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