Where Buy Good 2200 mAh 25C Drone Battery Pack?

- Feb 23, 2019-

Where Buy Good 2200 mAh 25C Drone Battery Pack?


Batteries are the power source of drone. Motors, actuators and receivers are all driven by batteries. The collocation of batteries and electronic devices on the drone determines the idle time of the drone, which is really the heart of the aeroplanes.

As we all know, the safe voltage and current of human body are 36V and 50A for AC and 50A for DC. When a 2200 mAh, 25C drone battery is working, its maximum discharge current is 55A, and the current can be several times as large as when battery bumps up and the short circuit occurs. that is terrible.

So, how to deal with battery swollen up?

here are some tips for your reference, as below:

1. Simple slight bulging of batteries generally does not cause safety problems, but excessive bulging is recommended for elimination.

2. The liquid leaked from the battery is corrosive to some extent. After leakage, the core voltage will gradually drop to 0. At this time, the core reduction treatment (or direct elimination) of batteries can be considered.

3. If the battery does not leak or explode after impact deformation, the battery can also be used (except that the core is exposed due to impact).

4. The battery will explode in a short time when it is short-circuited.

5. Be cautious about battery leakage and short circuit

At the same time, the choice of plugs for power lines of drone batteries is also very important. here are some frequently use drone battery plugs for your refrence as below:

1). T-insert: cheap, easy to weld, widely used, but the security risks are large.

2). XT60: It is not easy to weld when it is used in drones draws small and medium current.

3). XT150: For high current drone, such as helicopters.

4). JST: It is often used in light aircraft drones such as F3P.

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