Why use 48v Battery System in cars solar and e-bike?

- Sep 23, 2018-

For most conventional fuel vehicles, the power systems used in automotive electronic systems come from 12V lead-acid batteries, but the 12V is not enough when the automotive system becomes more complex and upgraded. Especially after the birth of the automatic start stop function.

According to the carbon emission plans of the major countries in the world, by 2020, the average fuel consumption of Chinese passenger cars must be controlled at 5 liters / 100 kilometers. For the automobile enterprises all over the world, the pressure of energy conservation and emission reduction is great. For pure electric vehicles which are not mature in China, 48V micro-mixing is the first choice under this policy for hybrid.

That is to say, the standard voltage of automotive equipment will be raised to 48V to use, to enhance the power of the whole system, the engine starting and stopping, starting, braking and other conditions can be better optimized, fuel efficiency greatly improved.

Why use 48v Battery System in cars solar and e-bike? 

  1. major country and district is urgent for conserve energy reduce emissions;

  2. current battery tech and cost restrict PHEV and EV expansion;

  3. Consumer has much higher requiremet for car electrification intellectualization;

  4. while, 48v considates cost and effective (30% cost of high voltage hybride, whilie get 70% perfomrance)

48v battery system advantage and disadvantage: 


1.cut petrolium consumption, less CO. emission; 2. 48v within safety voltage 60v, no need extra voltage protection,compara with high voltage hybride system, 48v battery cost is much less.3. 48v BSG can realize smaller size, therefore reduce the compatibility with current platform; 4. 48v battery system is capable to support much great high effeciency electrification and intelectulization, even when motor closed, all these device can still work; 5. voltage increased,could reduce consumption of large current; 6. BSG/ISG ignition will be much shorter, less noise and viberation, this could probably enhance smoothy in boost and accelerating.


1. voltage increase, electric compatibility requirement will be much higher; 2. 48v voltage could cause electric arc, need extra protection system; 3. current 12v car load systemm should be changed for 48v system, that would probably increase car development cost; 4. system cost would be higher than 12v syste, and save energy effecgtive would be probably much less good than HEV, PHEV and EV.