Zhuhai silver long Chengdu new energy industrial park invested 10 billion yuan

- Dec 20, 2016-

In December 16th, Zhuhai silver long new energy (Chengdu) Industrial Park project held a groundbreaking ceremony in Tianfu New District Industrial Park.


Zhuhai silver long new energy (Chengdu) Industrial Park project total planning area of about 3000 acres (about 1000 acres of land for a period), a total investment of about 10 billion yuan, the focus of the planning and construction of lithium titanate batteries, lithium titanate battery energy storage, electric buses, electric cars, electric cars, charging equipment, instead of lead start stop battery system projects.


Zhuhai silver long new energy Co., Ltd. in the new energy industry as the core business, is one of China's new energy industry large modern high-tech enterprises, with advanced production technology of global lithium titanium material, from vehicle manufacturers to have batteries, motors, electronic control and other key components and charging equipment research and development, production and sales of a complete industrial chain.

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