GENUINE LG INR 18650 M26 2600mAh 10A Battery

GENUINE LG INR 18650 M26 2600mAh 10A Battery

GENUINE LG INR 18650 M26 2600mAh 10A Battery:

1. voltage: 3.7v

2. capacity: 2600mah (or OEM)

3. size: 18*65mm (or OEM)

4. type: Original Samsung INR18650 li-ion battery

Product Details

GENUINE LG INR 18650 M26 2600mAh 10A Battery

[Nominal Specification]

Item                            Condition                Note Specification
  1  Nominal Capacity Std.             charge / discharge            Nominal 2600 mAh (C nom )

Minimum 2500 mAh (C min )
  2  Nominal Voltage                   Average for Std. discharge      3.65V
  3  Charge

  3.1 Standard Charge

Constant current                1250mA

Constant voltage                 4.2V

End condition(Cut off)           50mA
  3.2 Fast charge                     Constant current                2500mA

Constant voltage                 4.2V

End condition(Cut off)            100mA
  4  Max. Charge Voltage                      -4.2V
  5  Max. Charge Current   -2500mA
  6.1  Standard Discharge

Constant current              1250mA

End voltage(Cut off)          2.75V
  6.2  Fast Discharge

Constant current               10A

End voltage(Cut off)           2.75V
  7  Max. Discharge                    Current For continuous discharge   10A
  8  Weight                                    Max.                       44.0 g  
  9. Operating Temperature                 
(Cell Surface Temperature)

Charge                           0 ~ 45℃
Discharge                        -20 ~ 75℃
  10 Storage Temperature   (for shipping state )

1 month                  -20 ~ 60℃
3 month                          -20 ~ 45℃

1 year                           -20 ~ 20℃

 [Installing the battery into the pack]

-1. The cell should be inspected visually before battery assembly into the pack.

-2. Damaged cell should not be used. (damaged surface, can-distortion, electrolyte-smell)

-3. Different Lot Number cells should not be packaged into the same pack.

-4. Different types of cells, or same types but different cell maker’s should not be used together.

[Protection Circuit]

-1. The protection circuit should be installed in the battery pack, charger.

-2. Charger or pack should have voltage sensing system to control over charge or discharge in order to

maintain the battery’s normal operating mode and protect cell imbalance.

-3. Charger or pack should have warning system for over temperature, over voltage and over current.