3.7v 1350mah Li Polymer Battery 623850

3.7v 1350mah Li Polymer Battery 623850

3.7v 1350mah Li Polymer Battery 623850

1. voltage:3.7v

2. capacity: 1350mah (or OEM)

3. size: 6.2*38*52mm (or OEM)

4. type: LMO 3.7v 1350mah li polymer battery

Product Details

3.7v 1350mah Li Polymer Battery 623850


1. nominal voltage and capacity :                 3.7v 1350mah 11.1wh
2. composition:                                             623850 1350mah,1s1p   
3. battery pack max size:                               6.2*38*52mm (W*H*L)   
4. polymer cell working voltage range:          3v-4.20v/cell
5. max charge&discharge current:                                                            1.3A                                                                                         
6. wire:                                                             AWG20, 50mm 

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  • 2. Genuine goods assurance. SINOLI assures you that all the goods sold are genuine goods. The goods provided by SINOLI can issue machine invoices or electronic invoices. 
  • 3. All SINOLI made batteries has the right to enjoy free maintenance with warranty 2 years. And ensure the same as mainstream new products on the market at that time.

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