11.1v 2200mah Li Ion Battery 18650 3s1p

11.1v 2200mah Li Ion Battery 18650 3s1p

11.1v 2200mah Li Ion Battery 18650 3s1p:

1. voltage:11.1V

2. capacity: 2200mah (or OEM)

3. size: 18.5*60.5*68mm (or OEM)

4. type: lithium ion battery, li-ion battery

Product Details

11.1v 2200mah Li Ion Battery 18650 3s1p Battery Profile


  •    1.    Typical voltage: 11.1v

  •    2.    Typical capacity: 2200mah

  •    3.    Size: 18.5*60.5*68mm

  •    4.    Chemistry: LCM li ion battery

  •    5.    Energy density: 280wh/L

  •    6.    Lifespan: 4-5 years

  •    7.    Cycle life: 85% initial capacity rest, after 500-1000times charge and discharge test

  •    8.    Combination: 18650 3s1p

  •    9.    Branded Battery: Samsung ICR/LG chemical/Panasonic options

  •    10.   Warranty: 2 years

  •    11.   IC model: SII 8254

  •    12.   Test Result: No fire, no explosion with overcharge,overdischarge,short circuit, hot oven, drop test

  •    13.   Charger selection: li ion battery use charger, with CC-CV function

  •    14.   Charging method: standard 0.2C current constantly charge to 4.2v, then keep constant 4.2v voltage charge till current less than 20mA or see charger light turn green and then keep charge for 0.5h

  •    15.   Notice: avoid from fire, heat, cold, direct sunshine, water and hit

  •    16.   Application: for Power bank, safe guard, CCTV camera, UPS, power system, emergency lighting, broadcast and television system,miner lamp, searchlight, ECG, respirator etc.




  1. 1.   18.5*60.5*68mm

       Small size for 12v battery, only 1/3 that of lead acid battery and 1/2 that of ni-mh or ni-cd batteries


  2. 2.   -40℃~80℃

       Extreme weather use battery, extreme low temperature or extreme high temperature working


  3. 3.   Defective Rate <1%

       100% test before delivery, simulate charge and discharge, simulate shake and drop test etc.


Schipping Details:


  1. 1.   Express: DHL, UPS, FEDEX, TNT, door to door service, 7-10days courier time

       Ship by airplane, or Boat: please mention destination port name, port to port service

  2. 2.   Custom Clearance: destination custom clearance as required

  3. 3.   Loading Port: Shenzhen

  4. 4.   Transfer Port: HONG KONG SAR

  5. 5.   Package:

    --- >2.75wh:strict seal up with PE bag, 2 batteries in 1 paper box, 10kg per carton, as airplane required

    --- <2.75wh: 10kg/carton, either in small box or  in plastic plate

       Label:11.1v 2200mah, lithium ion battery pack

       Sticker: fire-retardant,74*105mm

       Mark: made-in China



  1. 1.   Payment Terms: FOB,CNF

  2. 2.   Payment Method: paypal, wire transfer

    --- (Small order acceptable, paypal payment will be cheaper, please make sure receiver address is the same as the address on paypal invoice. As for Compnay Bank info, please reach our service man.)

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