11.1v 2800mah Lithium Ion Battery

11.1v 2800mah Lithium Ion Battery

11.1v 2800mah Lithium ion Battery Factory

1. voltage: 11.1v

2. capacity: 2800mah (or OEM)

3. size:25*240mm (D*L) (or OEM)

4. type:11.1v lithium ion battery, 12v lithium ion battery

5. MOQ:1k

Product Details

11.1v 2800mah Lithium ion Battery

Battery specification:

1).Battery configuratin: 18650, 3x 3.7V Li-ion cells

2).Working current: max 3A.

3).Working current: +/-150mA at 12V

4).Capacity: 2800mAh

5).Battery dimension: length 240 mm, diameter 25mm 

6).Battery is protected with a protection PCB.

7).protection voltage range: 8.1v-13.0v

8.)Battery nominal voltage: 11.1v

9.)Battery nominal capacity: 2800mAh (minimum 2800mah)

Battery Charger:

battey charger should be specially made for this 11.1v lithium battery pack.

every factory has it's different personality design on it's batteries.

so charger should be match well with battery.

sharing data: 

--- max charging voltage: 12.6v

--- max charging current: 2A

--- charging hour: 1.5hr

--- charging temperature: 0-45℃