11.1v 4800mah Pristmatic Lithium Ion Battery Pack

11.1v 4800mah Pristmatic Lithium Ion Battery Pack

11.1v 4800mah Pristmatic Lithium Ion Battery Pack:

1. voltage:11.1v

2. capacity: 4800mah (or OEM)

3. size: 37*58.5*67mm (or OEM)

4. type: lithium ion battery, li-ion battery

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Product Details

11.1v 4800mah Pristmatic Lithium Ion Battery Pack Battery Pack Parameter:


  • 1. Typical Battery Voltage: 11.1v

  • 2. Typical Battery Capacity: 4800mah (0.2C to 2.75v, 25℃)

  • 3. Composition: Samsung/LG 18650 ICR 2S2SP

  • 4. Continuous Working Current: 5600mA

  • 5. Dimension: 37*58.5*67mm

  • 6. Weight: approx 0.3kg

  • 7. Working Temperature: -20℃~45℃

  • 8. Charging Plug: JST or other

  • 9. Battery Management System: Seiko 8254 scheme

  • 10. Wire Length: 100mm

  • 11. Energy Density: 280wh/L

  • 12. Material: Ternary Lithium, LiNiCoMnO2

  • 13. Charging: rechargeable CC-CV lithium battery charger

  • Suggest charging method: CC charge to 4.2V, then CV  (constant voltage 4.2V) charge till charge current decline

  • 14. Lifespan: charge and discharge any time, no memory effect

  • 15. Usage: applicable for power bank, Electronic cigarette, E-book, pos machine, CCTV camera, e-bike, electric scooter,e-motor, electric golf car, forklift, emergency light, solar street light etc.




  1. Good heat dissipation

    We adopt with safety cell support shelf, makes much stronger consolidation during shipping, and also gives a good nature air cooling;

  2. 3.745~3.755volt per cell

    We adopt with auto intelligent sorting machine, accuracy can be control within 5mV, highly increased consistency of internal battery pack;


  3. Epoxy Package

    Pure handy made wrapping, epoxy makes battery strong, waterproof and beautiful outlook.


Payment & Shipment:


  1. Inter-transfer Port: HONG KONG

  2. Battery Express: DHL, UPS, FEDEX, TNT

  3. Package:

    >2.75wh, strict seal up with PE bag, 2 batteries in 1 paper box, 10kg per carton, good for air ship

  4. Payment:

    Payment Terms: FOB, CNF

    Payment method: paypal, wire transfer

    (Small order acceptable, paypal payment will be cheaper, please make sure receiver address is the same as the address on paypal invoice.)


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