12V 23a Battery Rechargeable 18650 Battery for Outdoors Portable Power Supply

12V 23a Battery Rechargeable 18650 Battery for Outdoors Portable Power Supply

12v 23a Battery Rechargeable 18650 Battery:

1. voltage:12v

2. capacity: 23ah (or OEM)

3. size: 84*224*75mm(or OEM)

4. type: lifepo4

5. cyclelife: >2000times

Product Details

12v 23a Battery Rechargeable 18650 Battery For Outdoors Portable Power Supply 

Battery parameter tablet:

12v 23a battery rechargeable 18650 battery pack is made by lifepo4, cycle life above 2000times.

here is technical data information as reference before any connection and application:





Nominal Capacity



Nominal Voltage



Charging voltage:



Charging Method:

CC-CV (constant voltage with limited current)


Charging Current:

Standard charge: 2A Rapid charge:3A


Charging time:

stand charge: 3.5-4hrs Rapid charge: 2.5-3hrs


Max. Charge Current:

8A (ambient temperature 25℃)


Max. Discharge Current:



Discharge cut-off voltage:



Charge voltage:






Operating Temperature: 

Charging: 0~45℃

Discharging: -20~60℃


Storage Temperature:

1.5 year -20℃~25℃

3months -20℃~45℃

1month -20℃~50℃




Prevent battery explosion temperature performance:

  • 1.    Electrical temperature range: 0 +55

  • 2.    Charging temperature: 0 degrees C - +40

  • 3.    The discharge capacity is not less than 70% of the standard capacity of 0 when the temperature is low temperature and high temperature +60:

  •     Frequency: 10-50-10HZ

  •     Amplitude: 1.5mm

  •     Time: 45min (no load)

  • 4.    Drop test: first, height: 1.0m, ground: wooden floor

Other 12v 18650 rechargeable battery specification data, for example:

  •     1.     Battery nominal voltage: 12v

  •     2.     Battery nominal capacity 100Ah

  •     3.     Battery type: lithium battery, lithium ion battery, li-ion battery

  •     4.     the use of temperature range

  •     Charge: 0 ~ +45 C

  •     Discharge: -20 ~ +60 C

  •     Storage: -20 ~ +45 C (30 days), -20 ~ +35 C (90 days)

  •     5.     Battery Charging

  •     Must limit the charging voltage and the maximum charging current.

  •     Maximum voltage limit: 14.4V

  •     Maximum charge current: 20A

  •     6.     Battery discharge

  •      Maximum discharge current: 50A

  •      Avoid discharge voltage lower than 11V

  •     7.     Size: Thickness 212mm width 265mm length 70mm

  •     8.     Battery weight: 6.8kg

Besides, in accordance with the relevant national standards and requirements, the final product, 12v 23a Battery Rechargeable 18650 Battery, is well test with calibration. therefore, it can be used directly.  


We can design and give professional suggestion from swith power to batteries with our years battery expertise on different data, parameters, requirements according to you and your customer's requirement.


Q28: How to charge the battery?

A28: please use a specified lithium ion battery charger;


Q29: what’s the difference of your battery charger?

A29: each lithium ion battery factory has it’s typical design requirement for it’s batteries. Un-matched well charger might not charge your battery full and it’s charger protection range is a little different also.


Q30: what’s your battery charger charging method?

A30: our battery charging method is CC-CV. Constand current to charge the battery to 4.2v/cell, then charger will automatically shift to constant voltage charging. 


Q31: what’s your battery charging voltage?

A31: this is a very good question. Generally, we set the battery charging voltage at 4.2v. for some high voltage battery cells, we’d use 4.25v 5% accuracy to charge battery. So it can give a fast charging. 


Q32: is that a high charging voltage give any damage to battery?

A32: yes, absolutely true. Normal battery cells can not use 4.25v or 4.3v high charging voltage. Higher charging voltage will give a fast charge, but will damage battery cell if not be applied to.

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