12V 3ah Lithium Ion Battery Pack for Fan

12V 3ah Lithium Ion Battery Pack for Fan

12v 3ah Lithium ion Battery Pack For Fan

1. voltage: 12v

2. capacity: 3ahh (or OEM)

3. 18.5*55.5*68mm (T*W*L) (or OEM)

4. type: 12v lithium ion battery, 12v battery pack

5. MOQ:1k

Product Details

12v 3ah Lithium ion Battery Pack For Fan

Electric fan battery key factors:

this battery is made by 18650 lithium ion battery cell, 3000mah/3s1p.

1.   battery rate power: 3000mAh (3Ah)

2    minimum capacity: 2950mAh

3.   configuration: Samsung 18650 3000mAh, 3s1p

4.   norminal voltage: 11.1v 

5.   max charging voltage: 12.6v

6.   max discharging voltage: 9v ( some needs to drop to 7.5v, as per request)

7.   battey size: 18.5*55.5*68mm (T*W*L)

8.   battery weight: approx. 0.15kg

9.   overcharge protection voltage: 4.2v±0.025v

10.  overdischarge protection voltage: 9v (or 7.5v)

11.  overcurrent protection: 5-8A

12. working temperature: -20~55℃

13. charging temperature: 0~45℃

14. discharging temperature: -20~55℃

15. storage temperature: 25℃


1.   protection voltage range: 9v-12.6v

2.   protection current range: <10A

3.   protection temperature range: -20~~55℃

4.   shortcircuit protection: 10A off

5.   protection accuracy: 5%

this 12v lithium ion battery pack discharge curve is stable. in different discharge C rate, it performances high capacity ratio. when working temperature below 0℃ , it still keeps 80% power. discharge with 0.2c at room temperaure, it gives a cyclelife more than 800times.

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