12V 5ah Li ion Akku Accu Battery for Portable Photic Stimulator

12v 5ah Battery:

1. voltage:12v

2. capacity: 5ah (or OEM)

3. size: 37*37*200mm,28.5*84.5*70mm (or OEM)

4. type: lithium battery,li ion battery

Product Details

12v 5ah battery for portable photic stimulator 

Battery key elements and special features,technique data for 12v 5ah battery pack as below:





Nominal Capacity



Nominal Voltage



Charging voltage:



Charging Method:

CC-CV (constant voltage with limited current)


Charging Current:

Standard  charge: 2A Rapid charge:3A


Charging time:

stand charge: 3.5-4hrs Rapid charge: 2.5-3hrs


Max. Charge Current:

2A (ambient temperature 25℃)


Max. Discharge Current:



Discharge cut-off voltage:



Charge voltage:






Operating Temperature: 

Charging : 0~45℃

Discharging : -20~60℃


Storage Temperature:

1.5 year -20℃~25℃

3months -20℃~45℃

1month -20℃~50℃




Other 12v lithium ion battery packs can be designed according your demand:

  • 1.      Battery nominal voltage: 12v

  • 3.      Battery nominal capacity 25.5Ah

  • 4.      Battery type: lithium battery, lithium ion battery, li-ion battery

  • 5.      the use of temperature range

  •   Charge: 0 ~ +45 C

  •   Discharge: -20 ~ +60 C

  •   Storage: -20 ~ +45 C (30 days), -20 ~ +35 C (90 days)

  • 6.      Battery Charging

  •   Must limit the charging voltage and the maximum charging current.

  •   Maximum voltage limit: 29.4V

  •   Maximum charge current: 4A

  • 7.      Battery discharge

  •   Maximum discharge current: 20A

  •   Avoid discharge voltage lower than 20V

  • 8.      Size: Thickness 60mm width 165mm length 170mm


Q44:   What's your battery protection?

A44:   our battery is protected with SKII IC chips, to protect battery from over-charge, over-discharge & short circuit etc.


Q45:   What certification do you have for battery?

A45:    UN83.3/MSDS/CB/KC etc.


Q46:    What's your battery type?

A46:    LiMn2O4 (LiMn2O4), Li-Ni-Co-Mn-O (ternary materials), LiFePO4 (Tie Li) all is available.

Q47:    What's the advantage of your battery pack?

A47:    we have a very strong design and production team. each battery cell is highly matching in accuracy. Beautiful design to control battery internal resistance at the lowest level. Our engineers have years expertise in mechanical design, software design, electric circuit design, with less heat generation, water proof design etc.

Q48:    how to utilize your 12v 5ah battery pack to our system?

A58: this battery pack is designed with one port for both charging & discharging. Battery can directly communicate with your device.

Company Review:

1.     Shenzhen SNOLI electronic co.,ltd,  a professional group for good quality power batteries.

2.     Our mainly product are lithium ion battery packs, for example, 12v 5ah rechargeable battery pack.

3.     Through years of hard work and efforts in lithium battery field, we are also trying our best to offer best quality lithium batteriesto full fill the empty space of qualified power batteries to intelligent power industry.

4.     we have successfully developed several series and over five hundreds product, including Li-ion battery pack PCM , Li-ion polymer battery pack, LiFePO4 battery PCM , and related product like capacity display PCB and charging management PCB , etc.

5.     Our main technology make us confident in offering first class product especially for high power and high drain battery pack.

6.     This is factory direct sales, SNL company all products can be produced according to customer requirements of all kinds of voltage, capacity, size of battery pack as required!

7.     All products above has undergo with strict testing, essential quality assurance; quality problems can return or replacement;

Customers can feel free to use, SNL company assures that the use of large quantity, welcome to call to discuss cooperation!

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