14.4V or 14.4 volt Li-ion or Lithium ion Battery Pack 4000mah or OEM

14.4V or 14.4 volt Li-ion or Lithium ion Battery Pack 4000mah or OEM

14.4V Li-ion Battery Pack:

1. voltage: 14.4V

2. capacity: 4000mah (or OEM)

3. size: 37*75*69mm (or OEM)

4. type: lithium ion battery, li-ion battery

Product Details

14.4V or 14.4 volt Li-ion Battery Pack lithium ion Product Details

I. Battery Specifications:





Typical Capacity



Typical Voltage



     Voltage Range:

12 v -16.8 v (±0.03v)  


Charging Method:



Charging Current:

Standard charge: 2A  
  Rapid charge:2.5A


Charging time:

stand charge: 2.5-3hrs Rapid charge: 2-2.5hrs


Max. Charge Current:

4A(ambient temperature 25℃)


Max. Discharge Current:



Discharge cut-off voltage:



     Smart BMS

(Battery Management System)   





37*56*75mm or OEM


Operating Temperature:

Charging : 0~45℃

Discharging : -20~60℃


Storage Temperature:

1.5 year -20℃~25℃
  3months -20℃~45℃
  1month -20℃~50℃



approx 0.45kg

II. We Offer:

  • here we offer all battery related problem solutions, which compliant to the requirements of battery related regulations and statutory.

  • To full fill customer's multiple demands and requirements, we can also design, make and test batteries according to your technical datum or parameters.

  • We promise all batteries coming out from our company will be good quality batteries, from battery cell, BMS(protection circuit board) to all components.

  • Give SNL a chance, she will return you a honest and reliable service. Branded Battery Cells: Sanyo, Sony, Panasonic, Samsung, LG  

Where can be used in?

Answer: Applied for devices, involved in: Finance, Medical, Instrument, Transport, Environment, Military, Portable Lighting, UPS etc.

For example,

  • this battery can be  used for 14.4v -16.8v 60w Mining Lighting Equipment

  • also mino 14.4v Robotic Machinery

  • 14.4v Back up Power system

  • 14.4v / 14.8v Remote-controlled airplane/car/boat 

  • 14.4 v solar street led light energy storage UPS

  • and other 14.4v max 16.8v system as backup power source

III. You Choose:

Industrial 4.0 OEM makes your battery operated system smart, shorten the lead time and performs as you want: 

  • 1). battery overal size; ---- e.g. length x width x thichness/heighth in mm (mini meter)
    2). wires: charging wires & discharging wires.  ----  e.g. wire model, color and spec. 
    3). connectors: charging connector & discharge connector. ---- e.g. connector size and spec.
    4). battery voltage & capacity, battery working current 
    5). battery waterproof / dustproof ranking level. ---- e.g. IP65

  • 6). battery test / certificate:----  e.g. KC, RoHS, IEC62133, MSDS, UL, PSE etc.

IV. Advantages:

  • Our sales man and after-sales service man are well trained with professional battery knowledge,

  • if you have any trouble about lithium battery, or need any technical support, you can have a well communicate with our battery man;

  • Our service man will try our best to cooperate;

V. We Promise:

  • Original Battery Cell, Branded Quality;

  • Good Price v.s. Good Quality Ratio;  

  • Long Navigation Once Full Charged;

  • Professional After-Sales Service;

  • Safety Approvals, compliant with requirement on RoHS, IEC62133, MSDS, KC, UL etc;

  • Quality Assurance

VI. Battery Notice:

  • Do not immerse the battery or battery pack into any liquid such as water or other chemical liquid;

  • Do not use or expose battery near to fire, heater or high temperatures ( 80℃ above);

  • Do not use unauthorized chargers;

  • Don not force a reverse-charge or a reverse-connection;

  • If the cell leaks and the electrolyte get into your eyes, don’t wipe eyes, instead, thoroughly rinse the eyes with clean running water for at least 15 minutes, and immediately seek medical attention. Otherwise, eyes injury can result.

VII. Why us?

SNL company is a company, who works on high quality 18650 batteries for a long time. We also have agent for Samsung, LG, Panasonic batteries first hand wholesale service.

We guranttee quality, all batteries ex-works from us will be 100% guranttee by SNL.

We Promise all batteries are in compliant to environmental substances control standard. All electronic components and package material are compliance with RoHS of EU, but not promise all accessories and tools are compliance with RoHS of EU 2006/66/EC. But according to the requirement of WEEE underEU 2006/66/EC, after test and use, all non-RoHS materials will be depost. 

We are appreciated we have the honor to serve FYRON medical device manufacturer for more than 5 years so far. We are trying to entering and more compliant to a new era, industrial 4.0. We are going to have an intelligent auto-production line. That will give us a more accurate matching on consistency for each 18650 cell. It will save much labor cost and enhance working efficiency and makes customization within smaller time. That would give our customer a better experience in many aspects, like quality and shorten the lead time.
The most important of all,QUALITY IS OUR CULTURE!

Any further inquiry will get our highly attention. or any Technical Support, Send your specified inquiry via email or phone us.

Thank you for your time!

Looking forward to cooperate with you to make your customers love your brand!

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