Li-ion Battery 18650 2600mah 24v 7S4P

Li-ion Battery 18650 2600mah 24v 7S4P

Li-ion Battery 18650 2600mah 24v 7S4P:

1. voltage:25.4V

2. capacity: 2.5ah

3. size: 130*74*75mm (or OEM)

4. type: lithium battery,li ion battery

Product Details

24v Battery Specification:

Type: Li-Ion

Nominal Voltage: 25.4V

Size: 130*74*75mm (or OEM)

Nominal Capacity: 2.5ah

OEM capacity: 10ah 24ah 200ah etc.

Product Name: 18650 2600mah 25.4v 7S4P

Himax: Professional Battery Factory

Cell: A grade, 100% tested

Pack: Good performance

Assurance: One year warranty

OEM: OEM brand, package

Customized: Pack according  your drawing

Service: Quick and great

PCM,NTC,PTC: customized

High quality: Best battery pack

Applicated in: 

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Other Names: 24v marine battery, 24v lithium ion marine battery


25.4v lithium ion battery, is same with 25.2v lithium ion battery, and same with 25.5v lithium ion battery, it is replaceable for 24v batteries. 

for lithium ion batteries, there are a lot of professional thing to explain it clearly in details.

to make it simplified, 25.4v=25.2v=25.5v lithium ion battery pack.

but they are a llittle different in many aspect. 

high voltage lithium ion battery has much more tech on it.


1. What is trickle charging?

Trickle charging is used to compensate for the loss of capacity caused by the self-discharging of the battery when it is fully charged. Pulse current charging is generally used to achieve the above purpose.

2. What is charging efficiency?

Charging efficiency is a measure of the degree of chemical energy that the battery consumes in the process of charging and the amount of energy saved by the battery. It is mainly affected by the battery technology and the working environment temperature of the battery. Generally, the higher the ambient temperature, the lower the charging efficiency.

3. What is discharge efficiency?

Discharge efficiency refers to the ratio of the actual electric quantity to the rated capacity of the voltage from the discharge to the terminal point under certain discharge conditions, which is mainly affected by factors such as discharge ratio, ambient temperature and internal resistance. In general, the higher discharge ratio is, the lower the discharge efficiency is. The lower the temperature, the lower the discharge efficiency.


At present, based on the basic architecture of cloud infrastructure layer has been completed, the above data sensing and data management, support the country more than 100 thousand daily active charging pile (so far) of the charging request and demand of business daily average of 40 thousand orders, 1 million degrees every 24 hours charging quantity. At the same time, there are 3 times the application of charging data log, supporting the entire platform of intelligent operation and maintenance system, the future can support the daily average of 500 thousand orders and tens of millions of degrees of charging demand.