Li Ion 18650 Battery 3.7 V 2200mah

Li Ion 18650 Battery 3.7 V 2200mah

li ion 18650 battery 3.7 v 2200mah

1. voltage: 3.7v

2. capacity: 2200mah (or OEM)

3. size:18*65mm (or OEM)

4. type: li ion 18650 battery

5. MOQ: 1k

Product Details

li ion 18650 battery 3.7 v 2200mah Description:

Characteristics of High Quality li ion 18650 battery Batteries

█ The 18650 battery cell should be well-made, and the color of the battery wrap is simple and clear. It is marked by model, code and color, e.g. model18650, voltage 3.7v capacity 2200mAh, color purple

█  Original 18650 from factory is flat-end packaging, industrial box packaging, should be new workmanship outlook

█  li ion 18650 is a precision processing, high inductivity, short circuit or serious overcharging should be under control with safety valve to prevent accidents 

█  The battery capacity meets or exceeds the nominal capacity 2200mAh at minimum, and the results of discharge test with mAh data are in good consistency 

█  Internal resistance is very low, usually less than 20 milliohms, suitable for high current discharge to meet the requirements of electrical appliances for working current 

█  Battery discharge platform is high, platform period is long, electrical appliances can work in ideal state for a long time 

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