11.1v 2200mAh Lithium Battery Manufacturer

- Mar 16, 2019-

11.1V lithium battery is realized by three cells in series. The number of cells in parallel varies from 1A to 200A according to the requirement. It can be customized according to the customer's requirements. Battery with protective board, with over-charge, over-discharge, short circuit protection, etc., can be matched with charger, battery size can be customized according to customer requirements, using temperature is - 20 -+55 ℃


Applications: widely used in military weapons, robots, AGV, rail transit, medical electronics, emergency backup, exploration and mapping, commercial finance, instruments, consumer electronics and so on.


SINOLI BATTERY-15 Years Lithium Battery Customization Brand!! The well-known domestic 11.1v lithium battery manufacturer, the national high-tech military wage quality enterprise, provides ultra-safe and ultra-reliable 11.1v lithium battery customization program and products. The voltage, capacity, size, shape and function of lithium battery pack can be customized flexibly to meet customers'individualized power demand.


Multiple lithium batteries


The lithium batteries are combined into multi-battery lithium batteries. Lithium batteries are named after the number of lithium batteries. For example, a combination of three units is called a 3 lithium battery. There are three combinations: series, parallel and series; parallel multiple lithium batteries, most of which are used in laptops. The following explanation is based on the multiple lithium batteries of the laptop. The laptop batteries have odd tables, 3 and 9 cell combinations and 4, 6, or even a combination of cells and 12 cells. Different multi-cell combinations can lead to different voltages and capacities. Generally speaking, more batteries, longer life and standby time, but the negative impact of higher prices and poor performance is due to the need for high battery consistency and working coherence in multi-cell combinations. The following explains how to identify multiple batteries by citing 3 and 6 cell lithium batteries as examples. 3-labeled 11.1v/2200mah lithium battery. This is due to the series combination of 33.7V lithium batteries, resulting in a total voltage of 11.1V (3.7 *3) and a capacity of 2200mAh (2200 *1). 3-cell lithium battery is 11.1v/4400mah. This is because the combination of 63.7V lithium batteries in series 3 and 2 is similar. At the same voltage, the capacity of 6-cell lithium battery is three times that of 3-cell lithium battery. The basic reason why high capacity lithium battery capacity is 6:3 battery. multi-cell lithium-lithium battery is widely used. However, as mentioned above, more batteries mean higher prices and poorer performance. Take notebook batteries as an example, 3 and 4 lithium batteries are enough for household use because of stable power; 6 and 8 cell lithium batteries are suitable for fixed location due to long standby time; mobile office can consider 9 cells and 12 lithium batteries due to long service life requirements.