11.1v 2600mah Li-ion Battery Pack Has Protection

- Dec 03, 2017-

11.1v 2600mah li-ion battery pack has protection

11.1v 2600mah battery specification:

  1. nominal voltage: 11.1v

  2. nominal capacity: 2600mah

  3. battery working voltag: 9v-12.6v or 8.25v-12.6v

  4. protection IC: SEIKO 8254 + MOS

  5. battery size: 18.5*135mm or 18.5*72*70mm

  6. battery weight: 0.15kg or so

becase of technique difference, li-ion battery pack has difference quality level.  small company quality might result in power insufficient, spots welding problem, battery lifetime is shorten etc. quality might not be stable.  so please remember to choose big brand qualified battery cells before any packing or using. big brand raw material has much safer guranttee measures.