11.1V 8800Mah Li-Ion Battery Pack Rechargeable

- Dec 03, 2017-

11.1V 8800Mah Li-Ion Battery Pack Rechargeable

11.1V 8800Mah battery specification:


Nominal Voltage:11.1v

Size: 37*58.5*67mm

Nominal Capacity:8800Mah

Battery type: rechargeable lithium li-ion battery

Cycle life:500-800 Times

Battery cell Internal resistance:≤ 50mΩ

weight: 0.3kg

Application:Electric products


Warranty:1 Years

Certificate:CE / UL / ISO9001 / ISO14001 / Rohs

lithium ion battery has more flexible design in size, capacity and voltage. 

because of different technology, small company 18650 batteries has much less power, much higher in resistance, lifetime is much less also.

good quality batteries, please DO remember to choose brand Samsung/LG/Panasonic.