12v 24ah 18650 Lithium Ion Recharge Battery

- Oct 21, 2017-

12v 24ah 18650 Lithium ion Recharge Battery

Read the key elements of this battery below:

  1. typical voltage: 11.1v

  2. full capacity: 24ah

  3. battery type: lithium ion

  4. is it rechargeable?   --- yes, definitely

  5. lithium ion battery need protection?    -- yes, it's different with lead acid battery in chemistry activity

  6. how is quality of this 12v battery?    --- this battery normally max 266.4wh, we can offer 3 years warranty. under the third party test is no problem.

    SNL is making true batteries according to your needs. let me know all your battery concerns, we will shoot the trouble together with you.