12V 3000 MAh 18650 Li-ion Rechargeable Battery With 12.6V 1A Charger Cctv Camera

- Oct 28, 2017-

12V 3000 mAh 18650 Li-ion Rechargeable battery with 12.6V 1A Charger cctv camera

Battery specification:

  •    1.    Typical voltage: 11.1v

  •    2.    Typical capacity: 3000mah

  •    3.    Size: 18.5*60.5*68mm

  •    4.    Chemistry: LCM li ion battery

  •    5.    Energy density: 280wh/L

  •    6.    Lifespan: 4-5 years

  •    7.    Cycle life: 85% initial capacity rest, after 500-1000times charge and discharge test

  •    8.    Combination: 18650 3s1p

  •    9.    Branded Battery: Samsung ICR/LG chemical/Panasonic options

  •    10.   Warranty: 2 years

  •    11.   IC model: SII 8254

  •    12.   Test Result: No fire, no explosion with overcharge,overdischarge,short circuit, hot oven, drop test

  •    13.   Charger selection: li ion battery use charger, with CC-CV function

  •    14.   Charging method: standard 0.2C current constantly charge to 4.2v, then keep constant 4.2v voltage charge till current less than 20mA or see charger light turn green and then keep charge for 0.5h

  •    15.   Notice: avoid from fire, heat, cold, direct sunshine, water and hit

  •    16.   Application: for Power bank, safe guard, CCTV camera, UPS, power system, emergency lighting, broadcast and television system,miner lamp, searchlight, ECG, respirator etc.

this battery can be max power at 3500mah, 38.85wh.

very small in size, about 1/3 size of lead acid battery at 12v 3000mah.

it's weight is very light too, about 0.15kg, far more less weight than lead acid battery at 12v 3000mah.

for more concerns about battery, please let our sales engineer know. he will be very glad to give you proper suggestion and help to solve all your question at quickest time.

12V 3000 mAh 18650 Li-ion Rechargeable battery with 12.6V 1A Charger cctv camera supplier in china, offering 12v 3000mah battery, rechargeable li ion, made by 18650 Samsung/lg/panasonic etc. we can offer charger 12.6v 1a output also. it can be applicaed in cctv camera, water pump etc.