12v lithium ion battery rechargeable 15ah for sale

- Mar 21, 2017-

Battery Info
  • Model NO.: SNL-12V-15AH

  • Specification: customerized according to

  • Maintenance: Free

  • High Temperature Battery: High Temperature Battery

  • Back up Battery: Back up Battery

  • Outdoor Telecommunication Equipment: Outdoor Telecommunication Equipment

  • Size: 55.7* 92.5*70mm (or cusotmerized)

  • Origin: China

  • Application:ventilatory support
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12v lithium ion battery rechargeable 15ah for sale

Nominal Voltage12 V

Approx. Weight37kg (81.6lbs)±4%
Terminal typeT5/T11
Internal resistance
(Fully charged, 35ºC)
Approx. 4mΩ
Capacity affected by temperature (20HR)50ºC104%
Nominal operating temperature20ºC~35ºC
Operating temperature rangeDischarge-15ºC~70ºC(5ºF~158ºF)
Float charging voltage(35ºC)13.30 to 13.60V
Temperature compensation:
Equalization charge voltage(35ºC)13.80 to 14.40V
Temperature compensation:
Cyclic charging voltage(35ºC)14.50 to 14.70V
Temperature compensation:
Maximum charging current8A
Terminal materialCopper
Maximum discharge current30A
Designed floating life(35ºC)3-5 years